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The Seed 2006 Writing Contest

June 24, 2006

What is the future of science in America? What should the US do to preserve and build upon its role as a leader in scientific innovation? 

This is an important question, and I would like to write something about it, as it pertains greatly to my blog.  I'll be considering it throughout this week, and hopefully publish something on Friday.  Some thoughts for now:

  • How can we maintain the level of scientific innovation?
  • What should be do about declining engineers and scientists?
  • What can better science education do to solve this?
  • What can better public awareness of science do?
  • How can we make grade school teaching a more prestigious and rewarding occupation?
  • How do get our government to make scientifically sound decisions?

 There are a lot of things to consider, but I think we can and we will do it.

PS I watched some videos of Al Gore on the 2000 campaign.  Just broke my heart, especially after seeing An Inconvenient Truth.  God I wish he had become president. 

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  1. benjamin webster permalink
    June 26, 2006 10:14 pm

    i thinnk you gotta relate science to something that is applicable. the biggest problem i find is that when people learn the shit, they are never taught what kind of application it has. it’s completely raw and if you can’t put two things together then you’ll just eventually end up ignoring it and ultimately forgetting.

    like for me i know that engineering has a lot of application toward automotive design, except when you’re learning things in school they rarely ever tell you that it could be used toward that. or learning programming can be used to make video games (which is becoming a larger market every day). if you can tap into a person’s interest and then make them learn -then it’s easy, they’re already sold. you gotta love it before you learn it.

    the other thing is, i think there is less and less emphasis toward math and science in grade school these days. the united states is getting its ass kicked by the asians and indians and it’s not because they’re smarter (well maybe) -it’s a matter of discipline and hard work, straight up. parents need to kick their kids asses more.

  2. benjamin webster permalink
    June 26, 2006 10:19 pm

    also, it’s interesting to note that with the effectiveness of the internet coming through in spades these days, more people will be compelled to study something like english because our encomomy is moving toward being information based -look at the amount of writing that is happening on the internet, especially blogs, internet writers becoming NYT bestsellers, etc. english and language arts degrees were worthless before, but maybe not so much in the future and that puts more pressure on science being studied in future generations.

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