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Why Picking Up Women is like Saving the World

July 16, 2006

Neil Strauss, a music critic and a pick-up guru who is also known as Style has some good ideas.  Neil Strauss became Style over 2 years as he struggled to learn how to date attractive women until he became known as “The World’s Greatest Pick-Up Artist”.  He wrote a New York Times Bestseller – The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

Now he is running the Style Life Challenge, where over __ men have signed up.  Each day, Style gives them a new assignment, with the goal of every student getting a date with a woman.  The assignments start of simple: make small talk with 3 strangers, get a haircut.  Then students begin developing “openers”, “disqualifications” and start talking to women.  There is an online forum where students discuss their results, share their findings and encourage one another.

What does picking up women have to do with saving the world?  Everything.

What Style is doing is bringing together thousands of people who all have the same desire: to date more beautiful women.  This groups is connected by the internet and has a deadline of 30 days to get a date.  Why is this such a powerful technique

  • Working with others generates more motivation and more learning (Cooperative Learning studies)
  • 30 days is a good time to try something new (National Novel Writing Month, Steve Pavilina and 30 Day Trials)
  • Having a guide is very important motivator.
  • Providing resources for further growth is powerful.

We need to harness this tool.  I know there are people out there who want to save the world as much as I do.  We need to get these people together and harness the collective power through challenges.

  • 30 Days to Carbon-Neutral
  • 30 Days to Being a Good Person
  • 1 year to save 1 million children
  • 10 years to end Poverty forever
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  1. July 25, 2006 6:56 pm

    Jay, the blog looks and reads well. I like your optimism and pro-activity. We all need to think about saving the world, including children and families.


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