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Finding Yourself – Day 2

August 8, 2006

There are so many TV shows/Movies out there involving “a mysterious stranger who doesn’t remember his/her past”.  Memnto, Kyle XY, the Pretender, Wolverine.  Why is this such a common theme?  Because your past is linked powerfully with your identity.  Where you’ve been and what you’ve done reveals a lot about who you are.

Now, notice how I said reveals a lot.  Your past does not define you.  Learning about who you were does not mean you have to continue on this path if you do not like it.  Many more movies/TV shows focus on a person struggling to escape their haunted past.

Today, there are no readings. There are just three activities.  They are lifted from a booked called Is Your Genius At Work?

Activities (post as comments)

1) Write down 10 events where you experienced great success, and 10 events where you felt like you failed.

2) Write down 10 of your qualities that frustrate yourself or others, and 10 qualities that others compliment about you, or what you like about yourself.

3) Look at these 4 lists.  What do they have in common.  Look at the positive qualities/events.  What make them so good?  Look at the frustrations/failures.  What were you trying to do when you got yourself/someone else frustrated?   What were you trying to do when you failed?  See if you can find some similarities among these lists.  Write down any insights you find, or tell me why you had none.

If you are just joining us, this is Day 2 of the “Finding Yourself in 7 Days Project”.  Read this blog entry and then start on Day 1.

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  1. May 5, 2007 8:54 pm

    -Gave geology presentation for underclassmen
    -Graded 113% in Geology 101, 106% Geology 102
    -Took high scores on the preliminary SAT; eligible for … that NUMISMATIST or whatnot.
    -Finally gained membershim in NHS
    -Finished two-year writing course
    -Did an interpretative dance of the life cycle of moss (facetiously, but still having the potential to humiliate)
    -Wrote a 5-week APA-quality paper in 6 days, took a 96%
    -Finished my 24″x20″ pencil piece before the VISION artshow deadline
    -Finagled an A out of my Gen. Sociology class that I thought I’d get a D on

    -Consistently failing tests in math class—though now that we’re onto trig, things are looking up
    -Didn’t place in a life-drawing competition two weeks ago
    -Completely missed deadline for SAT subject test registration
    -Got C’s in two trimester-classes
    -Still haven’t attempted freelance magazine publication
    -Didn’t keep on top of aforementioned Gen. Sociology class and nearly ruined my grade
    -Didn’t ask Geology teacher about term paper assignment; deadline looming
    -Forgot ’06 Christmas was coming so soon, presents late
    -Broke the matboard machine in art class
    -Didn’t send in important application for state board

    Things that frustrate me/others:
    -My lack of inspiration
    -My lack of artistic abilities
    -Physical aspects about myself
    -I don’t know what I want out of life/my future
    -I’m procrastinating filling out scholarships and college applications
    -I’m slowly losing ability to play drumset…due to lack of drumset
    -I have a short fuse and get irritated easily
    -I cut corners while doing assignments
    -I’m disorganized
    -*”You don’t realize how awesome you are. For reals.”*

    Things I/others like about myself:
    -My artistic abilities—I’m complimented on them regardless of whether I agree or not.
    -My writing abilities—prose, poetry, essays, etc.
    -My public speaking skills are decently cultivated.
    -I have creativity: I make my own jewelry, think of innovative ideas, etc.
    -I complete an assignment in about 60% of the time it takes my peers
    -I’m openminded and tolerant
    -I make people laugh
    -I can carry my own in a conversation
    -I’m intelligent “for my age”
    -*”How you act when you […] stop caring about what other people think about you and just start being you.”

    *Direct quotes from a friend of whom I inquired about my best and worst qualities.

    What do they have in common? They all have items about school, whether high school or college or my funny in-between stage. My successes were successes because I gained approval and vindication, whether from myself or someone else. My failures were failures because I didn’t fulfill my own goal, or felt like I disappointed someone else. (But aren’t those things inherent when something is a success or a failure?) I’m honestly not gaining any sort of “deeper meaning” when I think about these. It might be because I don’t have an objective opinion, but I don’t see what my breaking the machine in class (I bled all over the matboard, it was horrible) has to do with my paper-writing skills or the fact that I’m a terrible procrastinator. I do know, however, that writing this list was relatively difficult. I had to think hard to get the successes and failures, although the other two lists were easier.

    So what insight does Is Your Genius At Work? have to give?

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