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Finding Yourself – Day 3

August 10, 2006

Sorry I’e been a little behind on the posts here.  I had some personal issues that needed to be addressed.

Today we are looking at one thing: what we want to accomplish in life.We are going to look at it in two different ways.   First we are going to just list a whole bunch of things we would like to do in our life time.  The reason we are doing this is to take stock at what you really want.

Then we are going to look at what we would like to be remembered by, what we want to leave behind for others.  Thinking in this way helps you understand what you want to contribute to this world.


  1. Make a list of at least 50 goals you would like to accomplish in your lifetime.  As long as it is humanly possible I want you to list it.  No matter how big or how small it is, list it.  Make sure you get at least 50.  Look at the list. What themes do you see?  What patterns? Does anything jump out at you?
  2. Read this article:

  3. Imagine that you died tommorrow.  Your family, your teachers, your friends, your lovers and your coworkers are all there at the funeral.  Different people who were close to you are speaking and reflecting on your life.  What would they say about you?  As they reflect on your life, how would they describe you?  How would they describe your accomplishments and your relationships?  Write about it.

    People often find themselves achieving victories that are empty, successes that have come at the expense of things they suddenly realize were far more valuable to them. People from every walk of life – doctors, academicians, actors, politicians, business professionals, athletes, and plumbers – often struggle to achieve a higher income, more recognition or a certain degree of professional competence, only to find that their drive to achieve their goal blinded them to the things that really mattered most and are now gone.

    How different our lives are when we really know what is deeply important to us, and keeping that picture in mind, we manage ourselves each day to be and to do what really matters most….

    …If you carefully consider what you wanted to be said of you in the funeral experience, you will find your definition of success. – From Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

  4. Finally, imagine that you do not die tommorow, but 2 years from now.  What would you do differently?  What if it was 10 years from now?  What would you change about the way you are living right now?
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  1. August 12, 2006 12:45 am

    If I died tommorow, I would want people to remember me for caring, for thinking and for acting. My mom would talk about how sweet and thoughtful her son was. My father would talk abour how much he had learned from me and that he was proud of all that I had learned.

    My teammates, I sor t of know what they would say because they wrote about me for my birthday gift organized by my girlfriend. They would say I never quit, I was a littl absent minded at times but that they loved me and the team wouldn’t be the same without me.

    My buddies back home would say I was crazy and willing to do anything, that I made nonsensical comments and I was slowly developing life skills.

    My girlfriend would say that I was always positive, open minded and I cared about others.

    What saddens me most about this is just that I would not have been able to do more for others. I was just getting started. I don’t know if I’m not afraid of death. I guess it’s easy to say you’re not afraid when you think the probabilities of your death is low. The whole “teenage immortality thing”

  2. August 12, 2006 1:27 am

    Now if I knew I had 2 years left, I would stay in school. But I would quit gymnastics. I would no longer work at the Steinberg lab. I would blog a whole lot, I would work for Carrie Arnel promote her interdisciplinary project on the economics/pyschology of climate change. I would take more photographs. I would write the book about what I wanted to do if I could live a whole life. I would spend more time with my parents and friends, listening to their lives and hopefully inspiring them. I would definitely continue dating my girlfriend.

    10 years? A little harder. I’d get a Master’s in something and travel to as many places as I could, writing and photographing. I’d do Peace Corps and join some environmental and pover ty focused organizations. I would still blog a whole lot. I’d continue training gymnastics for 2 more years.

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