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Finding Yourself – Day 5

August 16, 2006

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

– Marshall Foch

“At some level, we too, have to make an ultimate sacrifice to our callings. We need to devote everything, our whole selves. A part-time effort, a sorta-kinda commitment, an untested promise, won’t suffice. You must know that you mean business, that you’re going to jump into it up to your eye sockets and not turn back at the last minute.”

– Gregg Levoy
Today’s post is about purpose. What is your purpose in life? What were meant to do here. This is really the big question when it comes to finding yourself. Many people turn to religion for help. But often, the answer is “To serve God”. Well, how can you best do that? Is it just about getting as much money as possible? As much pleasure? Learning as much as possible? Being a good son/parent/sibling? A good citizen? Or something else entirely?

Why is purpose important? It gives meaning to your life. It gives you direction and discovering your true purpose is how you find fulfillment. For more on this, you can read “Why Does Purpose Matter?” Needless to say, most people understanding that discovering your purpose is important.  (3 activities after the jump)

Unfortunately, this is probably the hardest part of the Finding Yourself Project. It requires a lot of time writing, reflecting and imagining. To this end, I have two activities that I hope will help. You should pick one first. If it doesn’t help, then try the second one. Both ask you to write things down.

DO IT. You have to write things down for this part. It’s so important.


  1. How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose in 20 Minutes (very simple but powerful instructions)
  2. How To Find What You Love To Do (a little trite, but helpful)
  3. Dave Pursues His Passion (much more theory, but interesting and potentially awesome)
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