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Why I Love Being a Gymnast

February 16, 2007

I’ve been a little bummed about my knee, mainly right now because its hard to get around and move and sit comfortably. But I realize that the biggest reason why is competing. The point of sports is to compete – with yourself and with others. Right now, I still into the gym almost everyday and I work out my upper body, core and legs as much as I can without hurting my knee. I still work hard, I just can’t really do much on the equipment.

Tommorow our team has a competition against Cal and I will be there, but I will not be competing. And competing is where all the hard work pays off. When you raise your hand to compete, you are trying to perform your routine better than you have ever done it and better than everyone else in the arena. When you raise your hand, you are signaling to everyone that you are among the select few people on the planet who can move their body in this way, explode with this much power, twist with this much control and work with this much strength.

I imagine there are less than a few thousand people on the planet that compete collegiate level gymnastics or higher. Thats less than .0001% of the population. I am extremely proud to be a part of that select few, and now that I am sidelined, I feel that I have lost that status. And it hurts. I will be doing all I can to recover in these next 9-12 months. I know that my body can only take this sport for so long, but I plan to make the most of my time with it. There is nothing like being a gymnast.

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